An online marketplace for accessible community transport.

What We Do

Matching Community Need with Surplus Transport Provision

Transport Together aims to improve access to inclusive transport by linking community group needs with providers’ spare capacity.

Benefits Include:

  • A simple online tool for matching vehicle capacity with demand
  • Better transport options for community groups
  • More customer journeys
  • More revenue for transport providers for use of vehicles in down time

Why Accessible, Inclusive Transport?

  • Offers an accessible, affordable service to community groups
  • Helps people to access opportunities in the community
  • Facilitates social interaction
  • Supports volunteering
  • Contributes to health and well being

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  • We are building community within the minibus

    East London Youth Club Volunteer Driver
  • It really is a lifeline for us

    Craft Club, Organiser
  • It makes me feel proud. I feel like I’ve done something in life. It’s a nice feeling.

    Zacchaeus Project, Volunteer Driver

About Us

Transport Together is a new online marketplace for accessible community transport, being incubated within Tower Hamlets Community Transport.

It is developed in partnership with disability campaigners, care organisations, charities and local authorities, including providers and beneficiaries of accessible transport.

Special thanks so far go to City Bridge Trust Stepping Stones Fund for their financial support, the lovely folk at Bethnal Green Ventures where we are benefiting from participation in the accelerator programme and Reason Digital who helped create our prototype (watch this space).


Get Involved!

We are currently looking for tech and marketing people to join the team along with potential partners and investors. If you fit the bill, if you could be a provider or user or if you're just interested then do get in touch


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